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354 Science vs. Faith


Back-in-the-day, in the initial stages of the formation of our country, science took a back seat to faith, and the supposed Separation of Church & State in America was intended to allow religious freedom so that particular sects could infect their young with their unique brand of magical thinking without interference from facts. The whole science verses faith debate is fascinating because the two concepts are, in fact, the exact opposite of one another: one is primarily objectivity, while the other is entirely subjective; one requires flexibility of belief, the other requires rigidity; one removes the bonds of human ignorance, the other encourages it; one requires outward thinking, the other inward. When life was a hellhole, at least that's how it seems to those of us in the future, with no opportunity for learning or advancement, before liberty became the recognized goal, faith was probably important because there was nothing else. Faith soothed mental health and was therefore important to society.

Science has a tendency to dispell myth, magic & propaganda, so it's understandable why the Faith people distrust science; it tears at the very foundation of their beliefs; beliefs that are only possible because they were instilled through indoctrination; most people are rational if they don't go into a situation already harboring erroneous preconceptions. But it's not just religious people who indulge faith at the expense of science; unfortunately, collectivist totalitarian thought is making a re-emergence in the Western World, and since science is a competitor of propaganda, it's on the defensive so faith is rushing in to take its place.


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