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352 Tax Concepts


Taxes are rife with misconceptions, let's review:

  1. Meritocracy is a cover word used by prideful & greedy people to camouflage their luck.

  2. The Middle Class must be enlarged at the expense of The Rich.

  3. Taxes increase liberty by redistributing opportunity.

  4. Regressive taxes subsidize The Rich, while Progressive taxes redistribute wealth to everyone else.

  5. Payroll taxes are second only to Sales tax as the most Regressive tax.

  6. The Rich ultimately end up with the tax money that is spent by Government.

  7. Tax Dodge schemes are better at job creation than any intentional government run program.

  8. Tax “loopholes” primarily benefit the Middle Class at the expense of The Rich.

  9. The Home Mortgage Deduction is a distinctly Middle Class loophole.

  10. Business taxes are another way The Rich have their wealth subsidized.

  11. There wouldn't have to be Federal Taxes if people could think-outside-the-box.

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