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350 Tax The Rich, Not Business


Small Business is the bedrock of a Capitalistic society yet over two-thirds fail. They certainly shouldn't have any counterproductive drag imposed by Government: we need Small Business to be encouraged not discouraged. How Government was able to make Ma-n-Pa shops socially responsible for the people who work for them is the worst example of role confusion & evasion. There shouldn't be Payroll taxes on employees, and certainly no taxes at all on the business that employs them. Social welfare spending should come out of Income tax receipts so that the people who end up with all the money are paying the social cost of the people whose backs they climbed over.

Collectivists, of which there are an ever-increasing number, disdain Small Business. The Marxist ideal is that Workers own the business, but Ma-n-Pa aren't looking for random partners. One of the main reasons people start their own business is so they can make decisions for themselves & personally benefit from the risks they are taking. They aren't doing it for the people work for them, or for society in general. Ma-n-Pa are not responsible for the alturistic self-delusions & envy of people who don't have the ability or inclination to run a business themselves. Now, if their Small Business makes Ma-n-Pa wealthy, that's when taxes are due.


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