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369 Against Minimum Wage


Emergent Order, self-organization, Market Forces, and all the other ways to describe Chaos Theory, is the only way to model complex systems. There's plenty of evidence that this is the case in physics & in economics. Salaries are a prime example of a complex system: there is no way we can predict the impact of a Minimum Wage, but it goes against logic to think that the only thing that defies Market Forces is wages, that if an employee costs more it has no effect on jobs? Yet Minimum Wage promoters assume that there is no connection between wages & jobs, and they use all kinds of Collectivist claptrap to support their arguments, making it an issue between supporters of Capitalism, and hence, liberty vs. Socialism, just like what most nonsensical debates usually boil down to.

You can't force customers to pay more than a service is worth to them. It's also ridiculous to think that if a job isn't worth paying a Living Wage, it's not worth doing, or that employees have a Right to an income but owners don't. And who doesn't recognize that Minimum Wage is another factor driving jobs out of the country. Scrap that whole concept of Minimum-Living Wage & instead partially implement "Basic Income," welfare but only if you work. The employer pays the Market Forces value of the job & society makes up the difference. However, among the possibilities of doing nothing verses Minimum Wage, it's better to do nothing than to exacerbate the Jobs problem.


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