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346 How Taxes Make The Rich Richer


The median income in the U.S. is $52K. Average CC debt is $16K, which took about 5 years to accumulate. So, roughly, for every $1 the average American earns, their investing return, so to speak, is -6%. That's NEGATIVE six percent. Now, let's roughly calculate the ROI for the Top 1% of the population:

1% of the population have 40% of America's wealth, and they get $4 trillion of the nation's GNP every year. Since America's wealth is $86 trillion, that means for every $1 The 1% has, their investing return is %12. That's a POSITIVE twelve percent.

This means that for every $1 of taxes collected, the average American is returned approximately 94 cents, while the Top 1% get $1.12. There's a lot of numbers here but the bottom line is that the wealthiest people make money due to government spending, like they always make money, which is why they're the Top 1%, and the additional money they make mostly comes from everyone else, not from so-called “growth,” though they get most of that too.


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