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345 Payroll Taxes


A third of all revenue to Government comes from Payroll taxes, that money Workers have automatically deducted from their paycheck to cover Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment & Injury. In the case of Medicare, money is deducted from every dollar an employee earns, regardless how poor they are, and Social Security isn't much better. What's insane is that workers won't receive any benefit from those payments for multiple decades, compounding their loss immensely. The poorest of the poor Workers are literally being depressed to improve other, probably better well off, people's lives. The scheme is so complicated & surrounded by propaganda that there are actually calls to increase this burden on the people least able to pay it.

Worse, Payroll taxes are as big a burden on the business withholding them as the people paying them; the best solution would be to simply eliminate Payroll taxes and provide those benefits out of the General Tax fund. Yes, Income Taxes would go up but poor people are taxed at lower rates with substantial deductions. Also, it would end the bizzare idea that highly paid people get to stop paying Social Security. Even though funding social programs by the people most able to afford it seems eminently reasonable, the people onto whom the burden would be shifted, The Rich, even though they are teeny tiny portion of the population, have completely captured the political process such that democracy is muzzled. Just another example of how The Rich are subsidized by everyone else.


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