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IQ is controversial because it measures people against people, and nobody in the bottom half likes that... I wouldn't like that, which is why IQ deserves to be heavily scrutinized but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. The real danger is misapplication, and drawing unwarranted conclusions for political reasons. For example, in group comparisons of U.S. math & science students verses many of the countries that supposedly far exceed the performance of our students, too many things are being mixed together; many nations don't include their "stupid" kids in the averages. In head-to-head comparisons, Americans are holding their own on the “gifted” front.

Concerning the race-baiting aspect of IQ: telling people something doesn't exist when it's right before their eyes just undermines any further argument. If all the really intelligent people emigrate from Africa, what's left is a mess. If highly competent Asian immigrants encourage high achievers, their children will push up the Bell Curve. We do not have to be racist to emulate the positive attributes of racially dominated societies, nor should we excuse the self-defeating actions of failing societies by claiming everyone is equally intelligent. Unfortunately, It's possible that IQ is too politicized to useful in debate any longer, which means the lower half has actually won.


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