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337 Smart v Intelligent


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There's a difference between smart and intelligent: smart is quick response, facile speech & prodigious memory skills. Medical students are smart. Intelligence is the ability to solve unique problems. Intelligent people can synthesize solutions out of whatever materials are available to them. Engineers are intelligent. Wisdom is the ability to predict the future. Of course, no one can actually predict the future, but because situations tend to repeat themselves, how something turned out in the past is probably how it will play out now. Old people are wise because they have a lot of life experience, and they can be wise regardless of smartness or intelligence. Wisdom increases with age while smartness decreases, and intelligence remains constant.

Enlightenment is the understanding of things around you. You can be enlightened about a thing or about all things, at the most minute level or in the grand panorama of life. Educated & experienced people are enlightened. Self-awareness is understanding your own motives; mostly base like envy, spite & resentment, that cause you to act and do as you do. By understanding yourself, you can reasonably guess how other people will respond to most situations. Self-awareness does not seem to be learned, and most people's emotional maturity plateaus before they achieve it: they do not understand their own motives, they simply react to them, and they have no idea why other people act as they do. Unfortunately, most people are not self-aware.


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