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337 Everybody Wants to be Special


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Everybody thinks they're the center of the universe... And they're right. As long as you're trapped inside your own head, what other people think & need are almost inconsequential; they might as well all be figments of your imagination. Being special is being the center of attention; it's admiration, it's accolades, it's someone else caring about everything you do. Is there really any vice so sweet as fame? How could it be otherwise, if not for our own self-importance, we would have no importance at all.

For those that eschew the spotlight, there's the subtle specialness of being among the chosen that survive the flood, are not turned into pillars of salt, or are raptured. Christians, for example, eagerly anticipate the Second Coming when they get their heavenly rewards & the sinners are chastised. They do business with & offer special deals to each other with no thought of the social consequences because everybody else is going to burn anyway. Their meetings are imbued with a sense of self-righteous exceptionalism & smug elitism, as does Islam & Jews. But how does that play out in the general community over the long run? Hey, Special Guys, I got news for you: it ain't Satan, it's your own actions of self-centered specialness that bring wrath to your doorstep.


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