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335 Methods of Control


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We are always in a battle for control, sometimes taking, mostly losing. Knowing that you are being manipulated is the first priority but then you have to know how, and that can be more difficult. The most effective manipulation is that which triggers your emotions: anger, modesty, sympathy, greed. Successful politicians know how to exploit your base motives such as envy & resentment: take from the rich, give to the poor. Family, friends & church leverage your more social feelings of charity, love, compassion: take care of your aged parents. These emotions evolved because they keep societies together, and societies breed more children, so guess who won the great game of selective breeding.

The most obvious methods of dominance are demanding that everyone participate in prayer, salutes, singing & pledges, but there are much more subtle methods people use to gain control over you. First & foremost is claiming a disability, usually something minor, such as allergies, poor hearing, or difficulty walking. Then there's passive-aggressiveness; saying you are going to do something then not doing it. Being easily offended is the current most common means of control used by The Left. Other examples are Fake News preying on your trust, and people insisting you cater to their special diet. All of these manipulation techniques take advantage of people's courtesy & conflict avoidance. Your only defense is to be a little less of both.


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