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333 Taunting


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Taunting is not something you regularly see a lot of outside of sports & kids movies, probably because it seems both ineffective & juvenile. There are professional taunters, called satirists, through which people can vicariously taunt. In that context, taunting is an important tool to identify the teams: those who oppose you are the ones that take umbarge to the taunt, your side feels superior, and those that are ambivalent obviously have no position. Because of this aspect of taunting, it might even be good for society, giving clarity, but it's still not justifable to draw pictures of Mohammad just to flush out the crazies, nor abuse the American flag for vindictive & spiteful reasons. However, it IS a satirist's job to provoke, to taunt, to make sure the door of Free Speech is wide open. Charlie Hebdo, the French satire magazine artists that were gunned down by Islamists upset about the magazine drawing pictures of Mohammad, was ABSOLUTELY doing their job, and were in no way responsible for results of their actions, just as a fireman has ZERO responsibility for their death if they are killed in a fire.


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