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332 Scorn & Ridicule


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The most odious, life-altering contagion of children and adults alike is scorn & ridicule. Juvenile scorn & ridicule may leave psychology scars, but in adulthood, scorn & ridicule has become a science of personal destruction, made worse because are no judicial or social penalties for engaging in it. People who support of a nation of liberty recognized that courtesy & dignity are important to maintaining social order, which is why the worst scorn & ridicule offenders are antagonistic towards personal liberty.

Unfortunately, scorn & ridicule is often applauded, especially in politics. It has been my experience that those people who feel alienated in childhood are the most vehement purveyors of scorn & ridicule as adults, and because outliers gravitate towards the Democratic Party, scorn & ridicule in their ranks is pervasive. Adding to the problem, due to the often passive-aggressive expression of scorn & ridicule, it is difficult to recognize cognitively so difficult to defend against. No training in political debate is complete without teaching how to deal with scorn & ridicule, which is to state that it is happening, condemn the person doing it, and then ignore it.


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