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331 Bullying


Childhood is a traumatic time but monsters in the closet are nothing compared to the fear-induced paralysis caused by bullies. Physical bullying has always been terrible, much worse for males than females, but girls get enough of it to know how frightening it is walking to school or going out for recess where the bullies have access to you. Thankfully, bullying has been recognized for the evil that it is and society is finally trying to get a handle on it; one down.

Subtle bullying, however, though it doesn't involve violence or verbal abuse, is just as effective a weapon & impossible to defend against. While obvious bullying has judicial & social penalties, psychological bullying, primarily passive-aggressive in nature, is impossible to prove even if it was illegal: don't do what the bully wants then you'll suffer ridicule, shunning & insult; and crafty psychological bulliers rarely reveal themselves beyond those they are bullying. Our politics is full of bullies, people with totalitarian tendencies that won't admit that their tactics are the same as bullies. They use fear & apprehension, both psychological, and due to the payoff of political success, political bullying is only getting worse, with no end in sight.

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