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330 Cooperation


People only voluntarily cooperate if they benefit from it, like any transaction. In a Liberty society, most cooperative relationships are as voluntary allies; even if you don't like the person or organization you are cooperating with, the advantage to you is more than if you didn't cooperate, so you do. In this atmosphere, cooperating entities each have the leverage that all allies have, which is we must both benefit in a way that satisfies our wants & needs.

Both Libertarians & Socialists ignore the voluntary agreement to mutual benefit required for cooperation. Libertarians only think about their needs without consideration of what other people desire, so they fail to form any alliances. Socialists determine what needs are best-for-everyone and force all to accept them, voluntary or not. Some people will not cooperate because they aren't satisfied by the exchange, or simply out of spite & perversity. These people are anathema to a society, and what to do with them becomes problematic. This is where indoctrination comes in: if you want people to cooperate, they must be raised with the same values & attitudes, and a lot less diversity.

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