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327 Hate


A person & community is primarily the sum of instinctual human emotions, mostly negative: envy, spite, resentment, vindictiveness, greed, covetousness, avarice, lust, and of course, hate. Evolutionarily speaking, fear is running & hate is killing. Hate does not always lead to killing but eliminating a competitor or a source of stress can be advantageous for society cohesion. Climbing the dominance hierarchy sometimes requires killing, usually preceded by hate. Hate causes change, also a good thing evolutionarily. A person who can kill without hate, however, is called a sociopath.

Hate is a powerful motivator, so in a battle for ideology, especially one that will affect the existing social structure, even reverse it, the weakest side will denounce “hate” as a way to disarm their opposition. They are tapping into fear, another powerful base emotion, and exploiting religious indoctrination. In a liberty sense, recognizing an ally hates you is important to defend against, but does not otherwise invalidate your explicit social agreement not to harm one another. Liberty puts no limits on thoughts, they remain your own, and whether you hate those around you is up to you, not them. The anti-hate-mongers are also anti-liberty, both strategically because they are the ones wanting to upend the existing system for their own gain, and because they are fearful, which is why they are on the receiving end of social dominance in the first place.

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