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324 Medical Concepts


Let's review several of the concepts around medicine:

  1. The stricture against euthanasia is the fear that you are the one who will be euthanized.

  2. Eugenics is a good idea with a bad track record.

  3. China's One-Child policy made it the world-leading nation it is today.

  4. “Defensive medicine” is more about the dollars than the patient.

  5. Liability is a confused concept when it is applied to the subjectivity of medicine.

  6. No one wants to think about death which is why End-of-Life care lurks in the shadows.

  7. Medical Research is a whole lot more flash than fact.

  8. Why people can't receive money for their organs defies rational explanation.

  9. The easiest way to gain control & attention is to claim you eat special food.

  10. Diabetes is ALL about diet.

  11. Sugar is the true culprit in our search for the cause of obesity.

  12. The Food Police won't be satisfied until you're eating the food they want you to.

  13. OCD is bad but moderate OCB traits are actually positive.

  14. What used to be odd behavior is now called “autism,” and the baggage that entails.

  15. Schizophrenia blurs the liberty issue because the choice not to take the medication makes you completely useless to society.

  16. The mainstreaming of “depression” has turned normal people into victims.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.

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