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319 The Food Police


It's not the pretentious, self-indulgent so-called "foodies" that pose a Food Police threat, it's the sanctimonious, self-righteous paternalists that want to tell you what to put inside of your own body. Obesity is a problem but the solution isn't government regulation of what you're eating, most clearly demonstrated by the Soft Drink trolls who want to tax soda pop, as if that does anything but create a new bureaucracy, and of course, they also want to tax even Diet soda, so the intent isn't to do something about sugar intake, it's an excuse for a revenue generator.

Then there's the people who are terrified of what they call “GMO,” Genetically Modified Organism food. These people, and there's a lot of them, want food with any GMO content labeled, but this is simply a backdoor attempt at controlling what everyone eats, because when 88% of corn and 93% of soy is GMO, most of the food on the shelves that use these products would be labeled “GMO,” with outrage & prohibitive political action the obvious next step. Ironically, a raising food fad is “gluten free,”which means not eating non-GMO grains. Essentially, grains that had their genetics changed “naturally,” not through GMO inside some evil laboratory, are worse for you than the ones that are.

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