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Sugar is the biggest change to the human diet in 10,000 years. The epidemic of obesity in America can be laid at the feet of this one thing: not lack of exercise, not fast food, not gut fauna, no... SUGAR is ground zero. Fat comes from sugar. You eat fruit, that's sugar; you eat carbs, that's sugar. And it's not like science hasn't known what the problem is for half a century, they're just getting immense pushback from vested interests: fruit-growers, bakers, and most cynically, the Sugar Industry.

Since the Sugar Industry intentionally took our eye off the ball in the late 1980s with the totally fallacious "fats are causing obesity" distraction, Fatty Liver disease & diabetes has gone up 1000s of percent. The Sugar Industry also attacks sugar substitutes, promote fad diets, and worst of all, they repress & confuse science. Society must fight back. The Obesity epidemic can only be cured through indoctrination, like standing in line, not hitting, not smoking & not eating sugar. If you want kids to stop getting fat, discourage sugar consumption when they're young, and as they get older, encourage monitoring of sugar intake by reading the nutritional labels on food. Yes, the insanely powerful Sugar Industry will fight back tooth-n-nail, but Big Tobacco was muzzled, and so shall they be.

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