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Justifying the hype, America really does have a Diabetes epidemic. The cost of diabetes to the nation is over a quarter trillion dollars, top of healthcare spending. Want to reduce the cost of healthcare, diabetes is first on the list. Fortunately, diabetes can almost always be cured with diet. Unfortunately, somebody somewhere called what fat people get, "diabetes," and that gets confused with the life-ending “diabetes” that children get. The other HUGE confusion about diabetes is that the cause & effect are reversed: people take insulin shots because of their high blood sugar, when what they should be doing is controlling their blood sugar with diet so they don't have to take shots.

The diabetes epidemic is really the obesity epidemic, and until we as a nation address obesity as the problem it is, diabetes will become a bigger & bigger problem. BUT NO, as a country, we fixate on things that make healthy people claim to be special, so we have special vegan restaurants, and special gluten-free restaurants, and special "organic" restaurants, while diabetics are treated as if they are normal people who can eat anything. How come all the hipsters aren't like, "oh, gosh, yeah, I'm really special because I have diabetes and I need special food, and, you know, I'm special." Why not? Because diabetics have to draw blood 3x/day, shoot up 4, and die young. That's tough to fake, and not worth the extra attention.

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