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316 Special Diet


Everyone is to one extent or another, a primadonna, wanting to make it about them, take control, give orders. The most common manifestation of this basic impulse is the fetish for special food, especially when accompanied by the “what I put in my body” sanctimony. Mostly this is harmless vanity, but if someone wants to be special by demanding special attention about their diet, it's not society's responsibility to cater to them. Let boutique businesses do the “gluten free," "organic," “non GMO,” “cruelty free” & "I'm vegan" pandering; as long as I can eat cheap food grown with fertilizers & pesticides, it's no skin off my back. But that's the problem: many of Special Diet people wallow in self-importance, making spectacles of themselves in public, even demanding everyone eat their special diet. To cater to this narcissism is to encourage it. Luckily, people tend to grow out of their self-importance, which is what maturity will do for a Liberty society, even one without a special diet.

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