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329 Criticism


Debate is not criticism. Discussion is not criticism. Opinion is not criticism. Criticism is destructive, and most criticism germinates from spite & vindictiveness. There is no higher form: constructive criticism is an oxymoron, criticism is never constructive, that's why it's called criticism & not a suggestion. Being a critic is the easiest of all possible jobs; do nothing but still have power, even control, because perfect is the enemy of good. Considering the randomness of who's criticism you are hearing, their opinion has no consequence unless your actions directly infringe on their liberty, and widen the field enough & there's nothing that can't be criticized, meaning if people listened to their critics they would never get anything done. Criticism is a supple & effective weapon, whether used bluntly or passive-aggressively, and it's a competitive stricture that can never be overcome. The only way to defend against criticism is to ignore it. Criticism is one of the things you don't do because you don't want it done to you, an indice of courtesy.

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