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309 Eugenics


What is eugenics? It's often confused with evolution because breeding dogs or pigeons results in offspring with selected characteristics, but in the case of evolution, that leads to a new species, while when dogs are again allowed to randomly interbreed, they eventually turn back into wolves. And it's not just physical characteristics, there are breeds of dogs that are smarter, however, wolves are pretty damn smart too. Eugenics has been around a long time: when individuals practice self-selective mating, we consider that a natural part of life, so eugenics in its own right is not a negative thing. Eugenics does not affect liberty, and there are plenty of things about eliminating disabilities, increasing intelligence & improving the overall human genome that is in the interest of society, so what IS wrong with eugenics?

Society's interest in creating better children through eugenics has been a real issue several times in history, mostly to its detriment as the science has been subverted. Eugenics doesn't really exhibit its weaknesses until it's used as cover for political aspirants, those conflating eugenics with subhumaness, who want to violate our ally-relationship with other ethnicities in our society. That's how the science of eugenics becomes the hate-mongering of racial purism. For now, you cannot discuss eugenics in America; it's the most politically incorrect of all Political Correctness. There's an infamous American book, "The Bell Curve," that covers the science of eugenics brilliantly and has survived vicious scrutiny, but even mentioning the book in public brings anger & derision from the Chattering Classes. Maybe in the future eugenics can get the attention it deserves without exploitation for political gain?

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