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301 The Irony of Universal Healthcare


The monthly insurance premium for a 2-earner Middle Class 3-children family is about $2K/mo with $1000 deductible for the Silver Plan. If the family earns $120K a year, they don't qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, so with no employer footing the bill, regular families have difficulty affording it, and as premiums continue to increase during the next decade, Middle Class people will simply “opt out” of the system. They won’t have any healthcare, while Rich & Poor people get the best healthcare available in the world. Even Middle Class workers on company plans are at risk as those become increasingly expensive such that more-and-more Small Business owners also opt out. In fact, take-home wages seem to have stagnated in the past decade but if rising healthcare insurance premiums are included, wages have actually gone up. Worse, young workers will continue to have ever increasing Medicare deductions taken from every dollar of their income to give healthcare to The Old, while they have none themselves. Eventually, the Insurance Trust will be broken by an outraged Middle Class or Obamacare will be repealed, leaving costs ratcheted up AND no Universal healthcare. Less people will have healthcare than did before the whole Universal healthcare thing started.

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