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300 The Inequity of Obamacare


Obamacare is health insurance not healthcare. Calling a thing something it isn't is disingenuous & dishonest: health “insurance” isn't even insurance. Insurance is when lots of people pay a little for an expensive event that rarely occurs, but EVERYONE needs good health. Insurance, as a business, makes money only when it delivers less than it receives in payments. They are actually in the business of limiting the thing they insure, in this case, healthcare, which needs the exact opposite goal. Also, insurance, as a business, requires a normal adversarial relationship with its customers, but that is not suitable for a public service.

Mostly though, Obamacare's implementation of “insurance” is inequitable because the Middle Class bears the majority of the burden. The problem is the wild wealth inequity in the U.S. where 1% of the people own 40% of the wealth, which means that 60% of the nation's wealth is paying 99% of its healthcare costs. Even worse, half of those pay no healthcare costs at all, meaning the Middle Class must pay double of what is already a horrendous cost. The solution is to fully socialize healthcare, pay for it out of General tax revenues so that the burden is borne by all the wealth of our nation, not just people who work for a living.

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