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294 Government Pensions


Government pensions are three-way unconscionable contracts where government employees collude with other government employees while putting the obligation on the taxpayer. To show how big a problem this is, consider that government pension obligations are equal to the total net worth of the United States. Also, the idea of government pension “reserves” is a laughable myth. The whole concept is disingenuous because “saving" is inapplicable when it comes to governments because they have no place to put the saved money, and since Government strains to balance budgets, the only way to pay pensions is to raise taxes.

One of America’s founding premises, written into The Constitution, is that children are not responsible for the debts of their parents. Therefore, at a fundamental basis, Government pensions are violating the Constitutional intent because they certainly pass the debts of the elders onto succeeding generations. Allowing government pensions to bankrupt, plus a healthy dose of inflation, is the most likely solution to this nightmare scenario, but government pensioners can take perverse solace in the fact that the looming financial collapse will put private pensioners into the same situation.

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