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288 Qualified vs. Unqualified


Any State is easily the equivalent in complexity, scope, and product delivery, to a major private-sector business. At the highest levels of a business, the management team is certainly upper-echelon quality-wise. “Qualified” people are easy to spot from their CVs. Of the 10,000s of resumes that pass through a business's Personnel department, only a small handful of MBAs, CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals ever even get a chance to interview, let alone receive the job of guiding a major concern through the trials and travails of dog-eat-dog capitalism. Simply put, unqualified managers are unacceptable to the stockholders. Not so much in politics...

In a large part, our elected officials are not in the same class, quality-wise, as upper-level business managers: most candidates are, in general, unqualified in all senses of the word. Apparently few voters seem to care, even though you would think voters are the equivalent of stockholders, and would want the best people available to manage things that will directly impact their lives. But how many of the people in a State’s legislature could even get an interview at a business that requires the equivalent responsibility? How would the stockholders react to a business that hired personnel like those found in most legislatures? How are car salesmen & school teachers qualified to make financial & legal decisions that affect everyone? And why does no one care?

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