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Over 250 years ago, America became the 1st modern democracy, the "Great Experiment," but true large democracies were not thought to be possible, primarily due to technology at the time. So far, things have worked out pretty well. Voting has the advantage of changing things that are subjective into something objective, and voting is an elegant way of negotiating outcomes based on simply yes-no questions, a truly beautiful concept. Special Interest groups often try to make their issues paramount so that they can take control, but the rest of us can counter that with our vote.

Other positives of voting include: providing the most-liberty-to-the-most-people; preventing revolution by putting the onus onto people who don't vote, which are usually the ones who would do the revolting: if they can vote, and don't, it's harder to fuel their outraged indignation to the point of pitchforks & torches.; and there's also pride in voting. Obviously, voting has a plethora of positive consequences, however, the downside of letting everyone vote in a large, diverse nation is not a positive thing to the side that loses, so voting only decides things for now.

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