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278 Some of the People Some of the Time


Waves of control-seekers ripple through society and through time. They can sometimes endure for decades, but most often their tenure can be measured in years then the coalition breaks down for all the reasons that any carefully balanced alliance disintegrates. U.S. politics is a prime example of small groups of people building power until they have their short day in the sun: Religious Right, Tea Party & currently the SJWs. The thing these groups all have in common is that they were able to mobilize a small cadre of true-believers, formulate a message that got traction if not acceptance, and get some positive press which propelled them into positions of power & authority, for a while anyway. Another thing these groups have in common is the hubris to think they can wield authority over all-the-people-all-the-time, but whenever an elite group tries to determine the outcome of very complex events, it always ends ignominiously. As we have seen over-n-over, the best anybody can ever accomplish in our diverse society is authority over the lives of some-of-the-people-some-of-the-time, and not a very long time at that.

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