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277 Elitist


Elitists are by very definition, people who think they should be in authority; that they are specially trained, or have exceptional mental capabilities, or are selected by god to be in control. Occasional, some arrogant person might actually live up to their high self-image, and these remarkable few provide cover for the vast majority of idiots who, if anything, are only marginally competent. No one is more pitiful & more dangerous than someone who thinks they're better'n you.

The word “Elitist” is thrown around in different contexts but what people mean is the hubris, pretension & conceit of those who think they know what is best for others. Elitism is mostly the domain of the uniformed dictating to the gullible; those seeking internal gratification from the feelings generated by sanctimony & self-righteousness, and their indoctrinated followers. Luckily, people can usually be educated out of their elitist tendencies; it's the elitist power-hungry, control-seekers that are the danger to society. However, the worst kind of elitist is born that way, as their birthright for being part of the Nouveau Aristocracy; there is no better argument against a Class system than the elitism it inspires.

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