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274 Violence of the State


The number one rule in life is that violence is the ultimate arbitrator, and we intellectually know that unbridled violence will keep a society mired in degradation & oppression, completely forestalling any chance of personal liberty, therefore when America was founded, as part of The Deal, Americans relinquished their personal Right of Violence & gave The State a monopoly on it. So far, the transfer of power has delivered what we'd hoped; we live in a time of relative peace & plenty, where violence is an aberration, so distant from our daily interactions that most people think themselves insulated from it, that violence happens to other people, not them.

While The State's Monopoly on Violence has the advantage of depersonalizing & almost completely mitigating it, like any monopoly, the danger of exploitation always lurks just ahead of our perception. For example, Special Interests, having no power of their own, have leveraged The State's almost limitless power, for their own selfish purposes; and, as another example, socialists fully intend for The State to impress their ideology on everyone via the pretext of justice, the thin veneer in which violence is often cloaked. This explains why half of Americans feel betrayed and apprehensive of government, and why they grasp their guns & join militias, because the primary ideal of America, which is liberty, is threatened by its primary defender, The State, as interests counter to liberty democratically capture The State's violent capacity.

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