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273 Guns Give You Rights


Since the source of liberty is Rights, and the ultimate source of all Rights, the head-of-the-Nile so-to-speak, is violence, it leads that things that increase the threat of violence also increase liberty. The obvious connection between having Rights & your ability to defend them with violence, specifically gun violence, is not lost on the people who would rather you had less individual liberty. How can they force you into their imaginings of a socialist State if you choose to instead point your gun, you and millions of others who believe like you.

Rights mean different things to different people, and apparently people do not notice, nor care, if they never had a particular Right to begin with, or never used it. In fact, they may deny the Right exists at all, perhaps even arguing against it: an obvious example is the conflict around the Right to own guns. People are also belittled & chastised for exercising other Rights: the 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech is under serious attack from The Left, and the 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search is already down the tubes. The last defense seems to be to draw-a-line-in-the-sand & fight or lose your Rights, and the 2nd Amendment is the ultimate guarantor of the ability to do that. In fact, the most insidious aspect of gun-grabber motivation is to take violence away from people who would use it to protect their Rights.

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