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272 You Have No Rights


The mystique, almost worship, that has built up around America's Founders & the documents they created has reached religious levels of adulation. But America's Founders were not special, though they were all men, not a woman among them, and they were the Elites of the day; their greater-than-life attributes mostly the fabrications of history writers, their foibles forgotten. Actually, the American Revolution was inevitable, part of the evolution of government that could accommodate increasingly large populations. It happened in France next, and eventually, the same devolution of power to the people happened around the world, always accompanied by some kind of Rights, but the insulation of time has obscured the reality that Rights are a social fabrication; most people simply do not have the self-awareness to imagine otherwise, so they engage in dogma & magical-thinking about Rights.

You have no Rights: there are no natural rights, no human rights, no God-given rights, nothing. The simple fact is there is no mystical origin of Rights. Rights are only bestowed on you by people willing to commit violence. This misunderstanding stems from the most basic truism about life & society, that violence is the ultimate arbitrator. Your Rights come from an implied quid pro quo contractual relationship with other people not to commit violence on you and visa versa. They, in essence, become your allies not your enemies. Without allies, you would be a slave or dead, but for some reason people are not taught this. They just assume others will kowtow to their self-interested desires because of “Rights,” and you know, when people assume something, they take “u” and “me” out of the word and are just left with "ass.”

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