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269 Title IX


Feminism arguably jumped-the-shark with their advocation of Title IX, the federal law that forces public schools to have "equal" sports facilities for both sexes, or none at all. Not only is this vindictive in nature, but organized sports violate The Left's ideal of egalitarianism because only physical elites participate. Does The State really need to be preventing gender-based discrimination in athleticism? Imagine if AP classes, which are notoriously gender imbalanced, were similarly held hostage; and doesn't the idea of transgenderism totally undermine the entire concept: how can there be any distinction between “mens” & “womens” basketball or tennis?

This erstwhile battle of the sexes is totally unnecessary because sports are not worth the divisory politics they cause. In fact, sports serve no real purpose in society; they are simply entertainment. Why sports are even part of public schooling is open for debate, especially since some schools don't even offer sports. Why public money is spent on sports defies logic: religion holds a similar place in the America psyche, yet belief in the supernatural is not forcefully gender-balanced by The State. Sports are vanity, not important in life or achievement.

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