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267 Rape


The most egregious miscarriage of justice is the penalty for what is essentially a biological imperative of men only a few years out of childhood, who have yet to develop any wisdom or foresight, and whose bloodstreams are a curdled mix of hormones, yet have their lives ruined by an abstract societal definition called “rape.” Westerners, especially women, have a conditioned reaction to rape that is out of all proportion for a crime where the harm is almost entirely psychological, if there actually is any harm. Even more ridiculous is Statutory rape where puritanism overrides logic, and boys are labeled as sexual predators for what is little more than experimentation.

The other scenario of rape is testosterone-related, where dominate males attempt to subjugate others through fear. Men get raped too for that reason. For dominance rape the penalty is absolutely draconian, rationally related to nothing except vengeance. Do we really have a situation where the victim would rather have had their tooth knocked out than be raped? Even intentionally cutting off someone's finger does not come close to the penalty for rape, certainly not the life-long stigma. The concept of rape is emotional, a vestige of religious indoctrination, highly suspect, clearly overwrought, yet never addressed in a rational fashion because it's one of the things democracy cannot deal with.

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