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266 Yes-Means-Yes


Society's primary purpose is to perpetuate itself, and that goal mandates childbearing, which is why the specter of sex has an out-sized affect on humanity's psyche, not just now but throughout history. Ensconced in religion, sex is the source of much shame, shunning, and sanctimony. Sexual crimes, especially ones that put inheritance or honor at risk, have always been overly scrutinized, with penalties far out of proportion to what the simple act of rubbing skin-on-skin might entail. Feminists have exploited this emotional weakness in humans to their own benefit in pursuit of more control. No other implied social contract is so fraught with so much legal danger, especially for young people who aren't even considered to have wisdom enough to drink alcohol.

The current incarnation of sexual brow-beating is the Yes-Means-Yes campaign. Yes-Means-Yes is a bilateral "yes to sex" contract that must be signed beforehand by persons who may engage in sex. No Second-base, Third-base, hoping for a Home-run, men now have to get a signed agreement beforehand. As an attorney, I was thinking of providing a free click-through User Agreements for smartphones that all college kids can sign at the beginning of each term that specifies how many times in a weekend the parties can engage in anal, oral & vaginal sex, the expectation of culmination & whether the receiving party must spit or swallow. But, as it turns out, there is already an app available that validates through proximity so that potential pairs anticipating sexual activity need only tap their iPhones together before doing the nasty. Kids are way ahead of me when it comes to sex, which is what causes the problem in the first place.

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