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265 Attention-Seeking Women


Regardless of the Independence trope presented by feminists, the majority of women still seek attention from their peer group, and especially from men. They wear clothes that emphasize their sexuality, and adorn themselves with make-up & jewelry whose origins stretch back into ancient times, with no other utility except the one programmed by society to be alluring for sex. However, women want to simultaneously exploit their sexual prowess to attract attention then pick-n-choose who's attention they receive.

Woman assume that the Violence-of-the-State will protect them in situations where the desires of testosterone-influenced men are in ascendance, then get outraged when things go sideways. It's not like folks don't understanding what's going on; the very reason that Islamic women wear burkas is to blunt such instincts, yet indignant females think sanctimonious words & tough crime penalties are enough to forestall millions of years of male evolutionary dictates, and hormonal override. This is a method of control, and a discourtesy towards men, which also violates their liberty because their attention has been intentionally captured without quid pro quo.

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