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263 Feminism


The word “feminism” still benefits from the association with what it used to be. In the past, feminism was the umbrella of woman's suffrage, property ownership, work discrimination, and basically a throwing off of the religious restrictions that women had been bridled with for millennium, but like all vested interests, the momentum of feminism has morphed into a control-seeking monstrosity, and the “equality” aspect of modern feminism is undisguised Marxism. Also, the animosity towards men, misandry, inherent in modern feminism is no less virulent than animosity towards women, misogyny, they claim is the enemy that defeated Hillary Clinton. We want to like feminism because of what it was but that's dangerous because of what it's become. Calling someone a Feminist now has similar negative connotations attached to labels like White Nationalist.

The women's movement is further diluted by those claiming they identify with women though their biology is male. The reason women ever even needed a movement is because their anatomy, specifically child-bearing combined with less testosterone, put them at a disadvantage in power politics. But men claiming to be women do not have that physical burden to overcome, nor were they raised in an environment of expectations shaded by hormonal instability. These males-claiming-to-be-women are capitalizing on the leverage that females have only relatively recently managed to achieve: all the exploiting, none of the exploitation.

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