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The idea that all cultures are equally valuable requires denigrating your own culture and ignoring the failings of others. This equalization of cultures is a sanctimonious ideological expression rather than a statement of fact, and is only possible in a centrally-controlled society where small groups of people manage to get their hands on the levers of power. A simple burkas vs. bikinis comparison shows that if cultures are too diverse, conflict will naturally exist: can a bikini society, one steeped in liberty and individual Rights, coexist with a restrictive patriarchal culture that believes in stoning women who have affairs? Someone from another culture may not even be able to be allies because neither is willing to sacrifice their liberty for the other.

Culture must be indoctrinated into children: if women are not indoctrinated to remain subservient to men, they won't remain so; if men are not indoctrinated to monogamy, they will not be; and if children are not taught that they are responsible for their own actions & no one else's, they will expect to be taken care of as adults. The homogeneity of a society plays a big part in its endurance: people who think, act & play alike tend to continue to do so. Diverse societies are ones with wildly divergent cultures, for example: theism vs. atheism, work ethic vs. sloth, liberty vs. totalitarianism, or even something as simple as speaking a different language can & will drive in wedges that will eventually split into multiple homogeneous-cultured societies, rather than the heterogeneous one Americans have traditionally enjoyed.

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