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258 Safe Space


When did this "Safe Space" concept, which implies other spaces are unsafe, creep onto center stage? Safe Spaces seem to be a mechanism for creating ever-constricting spheres of special access around select individuals, both breeding a sense of elitism inside the protected area, and fostering resentment in those excluded. There's a reason segregation is discouraged in America: Black-only clubs create just as much societal conflict as the White-only ones. And of course, eventually any such artificial identification gets exploited for someone's own personal benefit.

Like all the other new vernacular coming out of college campuses and other public facilities; terms like “microaggressions,” “trigger warnings” & “hate speech,” language is being used to distort the existing power structure. It's also used to physically enforce Group Think: if you do not act & speak exactly as instructed, you are barred from the Safe Space, which could be a classroom, dining hall, and even extend to student newspapers; claiming “Safe Space” is literally being used to stifle Free Speech and block people with opposing views from speaking on campuses, physically attacking them even. Anyone GenX or older was indoctrinated with the admonition to “deal with it,” so we falsely assume everyone knows that liberty requires maturity acquired through introspection & self-awareness, but Safe Space works against personal responsibility, instead casting blame onto others for being mean to you. And since the definition of a “Safe Space” is provided unilaterally by the people who want to exploit it, it can mean anything they want it to mean, which of course, was its whole intent in the first place: to gain control.

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