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257 Social Justice Warriors


There's a reason that SJWs are people who traditionally have no power or authority: kids, women, minorities; because the concept of Social Justice actually gives them the advantage. If someone owes you, you are in control, so SJWs simply redefine society in a way that makes them the beneficiary of the obligation. These same people have nothing to lose & everything to gain by doing things that would ostracize conscientious citizens from polite society, and the physical consequences of exploiting society's collective courtesy & charity are almost non-existent to those who have nothing to lose. The reality is that you can't hold irresponsible people responsible. SJWs also do it for themselves because sanctimony & self-righteousness feels good.

I know this because otherwise I would have to believe that SJWs have a special insight, maybe a direct connection to God, that tells them what justice they should pursue & how to accomplish it. I would have to believe SJWs understand all the ramifications of everyone's actions, can read people's minds, and can decide what is best for everyone. I would have to believe that SJWs are put on this earth to chastise my evil ways, and that they have the authority, knowledge & experience to tell me what to do. Since none of these things seem like reasonable assumptions, SJWs must just be in it for themselves, like the rest of us. Unfortunately, in this battle for power, SJW tactics are quite effective, especially since they have spent years infiltrating government, and so have the leverage of bureaucracy at their beck-n-call, financed with public money through public programs.

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