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256 Age Discrimination


Age discrimination is the most prevalent & most virulent from of illegal discrimination in America, yet it gets almost no airtime. It's fashionable to hate-on OWGs, everyone under 40 does it. OWGs are commonly the villains in cartoons, job applicants over 50 are automatically eliminated from consideration, and startups openly advertise how young their employees are. Age Discrimination is the ultimate example of color-blindness because ageists are too busy looking at the grey to notice skin color. Tellingly, Middle-aged White men in the Rust Belt who lost their jobs to off-shoring, are actually accused of having “privilege” by The Left so must line up behind oppressed groups of people for sympathy & assistance, and that's why Donald Trump won in those traditionally Democrat districts, because of tin-eared New Racists-ageists.

The resentments & animosities young people feel toward older generations was only prevented in the past by indoctrinating our young with the refrain, "respect your elders." In modern society, with that restraint gone, the common enemy of the activist young are Baby-Boomers. Watch any of the popular, post-apocalyptic TV shows, there are no old people, and what few remain are burdens on the young survivors. AntiBoomerism is real & it's only going to get worse as the burden of supporting them in their old age stifles all other aspects of society.

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