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254 Sexism


In the not so distant past, women were physically weaker, less aggressive, often pregnant & stayed home to care for children. In modern times, through democracy, those disadvantages were turned into advantages, and once democracy had proven its usefulness, women recognized it could also be used to remedy past grievances, and promote future ones. Simultaneously, the testosterone-based advantages that men once had were demonized by women using feminized media to define what was good & civilized, and what was to be discouraged. This reversal of control has resulted in that whatever sexism used to be, it is now de facto discrimination against men.

Since society's primary purpose is to perpetuate itself, this reverse sexism does have a kind of logic: raising children is difficult and was primarily a function of women. Society needs children, so for society to succeed, it needs to subsidize children & move men into the child-rearing roles once dominated by women. This is an example where society is in direct conflict with liberty, specifically men's liberty: modern society increases the liberty of women, but at the expense of men. The amount of liberty & sexism remains constant, it's simply redistributed: liberty transfers from men to women, with sexism flowing back. Women have found claims of sexism to be very effective, and have increased their volume. If men do not resist in kind, society will become increasingly more sexist towards men.

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