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252 Heterogeneity vs. Diversity


American was built by immigrants, wave after wave of people from different lands & cultures. Until relatively recently, all of those various traditions & social customs combined together into a heterogeneous homogeneity, that used to be termed "the melting pot." This integration of segregation was for a long time one of the prides of America, but the future appears to be a segregated integration, and it's called “diversity.” Diversity is the cover word Special Interest groups use to get things to be their way. They use the violence-of-the-State as a counter-force against the majority, with the destruction of America's existing social fabric their goal. Diversity is divisive: the wider the schisms the Special Interests create, the more control they can obtain.

How did minority interests get so powerful? The coalescing power of the Internet, the willingness to abuse the courtesy of others, and the fact that everyone is not equal in the voting booth when the other side doesn't show up. Linguistics & rhetoric are their primary weapons, and they exploit the envy, spite & resentment of the left-behind young against the status quo of the old. Social media is their battleground & indoctrination of the impressionable is their long-term strategy. All public institutions reek of their corrupting influence, especially education & social services. At the moment these forces of divergence are winning, and unless The Majority organizes against them, the future will bring factionalism like nothing the U.S. has seen since the Civil War.

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