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249 Elite Pricing


In a public environment, every time there is some additional fee that gives people faster access or some other elite treatment, that fee should be set by dividing the entire cost of the service by the number of Elites willing to pay the fee. For example, if there is elite-treatment for a public asset such as a highway that has special lanes for people who pay higher tolls to go faster than everyone else, the cost of the go-fast toll must be computed as if those elite people were the only ones using the asset. That way the Elites are not underpaying just because everyone else is covering the basic service. It's a classic example of The Rich being subsidized by everyone else. Progressive tax brackets should be computed the same way: the cost of the National budget is divided by the number of people in the bracket as if only they were paying. It's objective math, neither progressive nor regressive, and has nothing to do with fairness, equality, or any other subjective word.

This concept should not be applied to private business because they respond to Market Pressures that will dictate the elite price; but public services, by definition, should NOT be Market driven, but instead must evenly distribute liberty. Uniform liberty can exist in a society with wide wealth disparity but only if The Rich subsidize everyone else, not the other way around, otherwise the disparity continually increases until society fractures along de facto Class boundaries.

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