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245 Monetarism


Practically no one truly understands economics, including so-called economists who think that balancing a budget is of paramount important. Well, it's not except in the realm of accounting, but economics is definitely not accounting even though a lot of people confuse the two. Economics is how a society increases its productivity to the point where people's basic needs are met with very little work, and they can choose to work more for status or fulfillment reasons, or not, which is certainly the very essence of liberty. Both political Parties, the Republican Party especially, use this confusion between accounting & economics to frighten people into voting in ways that enrich The Rich. They have plenty of cover from experts who call themselves monetarists, that think in terms of profit & loss above all else, with little understanding of what the goal of American society is, or how to get there.

Monetarists are all about balancing the Federal budget through discretionary spending cuts rather than tax increases. Monetarism focuses on preventing inflation because it devalues the wealth The Rich already have. A devaluation of the dollar is a rough redistribution of wealth to all the people on government assistance, more than half the population, and inflation would make little difference to most citizens who have low-paying jobs & little opportunity, yet the discretionary spending monetarists want to cut is the money that goes to those same barely-making-it citizens. Perhaps Monetarists are Royalists, believing that an aristocracy is a preferable method of governance, but probably they are simply not critical enough of their own thinking, grasping to be among The 1% themselves.

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