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Why Inflation?


The most abused word in economics is "inflation." Inflation is evoked as a counter to any new economic policy by those against it, so often that it has lost all credibility, and frankly, it should. Thinking about it even for a moment, inflation occurs when the demand for a product exceeds the supply, but in America, most staples in life have an almost magically endless supply due to our advanced level of productivity. If anybody wants a new pair of shoes, or clothes, or food, or any staples, they can pay the same amount for any amount. Only status symbols can become rare, that's why they're status symbols. Inflation really only applies to goods that people buy to accumulate wealth, so whenever you hear someone use "inflation" as a reason to be against something, suspect ulterior motives of their own personal wealth.

Roughly, inflation redistributes wealth from those who loan it to those who borrow it, so the prime objective of those that have wealth is to prevent inflation. You can tell how powerful these people are by listening to the lock-step, single-minded attention to inflation the business channels present: creating jobs causes inflation; high employment causes inflation; stimulus spending causes inflation & a robust economy causes inflation. Are you seeing the connections here? These conditions would benefit most of society but indirectly threaten the wealth of The 1%, so they make them seem like a bad thing... Because inflation. In reality, inflation is a good thing for aspiring people: it causes banks to pay interest on savings, it devalues longterm debt & it subtly emphasizes productivity over consumption, rewarding earning money today rather than enshrining the past. How is it that being retired has become more profitable than working? I know it will be difficult to see past your indoctrinated hostility towards inflation but you've been played.

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