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240 Bureaucrats


After all the demigogery & sactimonious posturing, the Social Safety Net still needs to be administered. Unfortunately, Market Forces do not apply; the only place profit can come from is by siphoning it off from the people who we are supposedly helping, so social programs become one of those few areas that government itself must perform, which leads to bureacracy & bureaucrats. Buraucracy is what develops when those who are responsible are not held accountable. Government bureaucracy is the worst of all because of its socialist component where workers come first so are imprevious to management, and management is neither rewarded nor penalized for their effort, so is at best mediocre. Incompetent & unambitious people claw desparately to get jobs working for the government for just these reasons.

There are also the political ramifications of social programs because the clientel for those services overwhelmingly see themselves as victims, so even if their Case Manager was young, optimistic & had the best of intentions when they begin their career, they look around at the bureacrats feathering their nests, the lack of any kind of reward for doing more than the absolute minium of their job, no respect from their clients or from the public, and sooner-or-later give into the malise, or leave the field altogether. This is almost an incurable dilema but there is an option: retired people. Retired people who have nothing to gain from empire building, feather-bedding, brown-nosing, or any of the detrimental motives that drive bureaucrats could be Case Managers, or ambitious but temporarily unemployed business managers, or incentive pay that ignores union rules, seniority, and all the other inhibitions on personal excellence. These things would work because bureaucrats aren't born that way, they're created.

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