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239 The Poor


The whole problem with poverty is its definition. What is poverty? Money won't cure poverty because money isn't the problem. Poorhood is much more a measure of ignorance, incompetence and a surrender to the baseness of human motives. Poorhood's first cousin, Victimhood, is the ultimate excuse for not relying on your own actions but expecting someone else to go first. Poorhoodedness also plays into the savior-complex of The Poor enablers, a vicious cycle of entitlement thinking & self-interested pandering. Helping the poor is a euphemism for guilting the emotionally vulnerable. It's the club used by the sanctimonious to terrorize compassionate people.

Like any vested interests, the Poor People industry attempts to perpetuate itself, and the most effective means is to widen the definition of what “poor” is, but poor is not a measurable condition, it's an attitude. Not having money does not relate to not having ambition, but being poor does. There are no answers for The Poor except to not expect anything, and to stop the cycle of Poorness by indoctrinating their children about work ethic. This is America, we're more concerned that people who are trying for the Bass Ring get a taste. It's the Go-getters that we want to help into the Middle Class, and a lucky few will hit the jackpot. What we need for Go-getters are jobs, and that life's basics be inexpensive & convenient. Take care of the ambitious, and liberty will flourish, ignore them, and they will side with The Poor.

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