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238 Government Dependence


Liberty is most threatened by the people who don't want it. Many people simply don't like responsibility, and certainly would rather lounge around all day than work. Those two underlying motivations, under cover of socialist gibberish, are a huge part of the government dependence problem. Folks who have come to expect everyone else to take care of them, even though they are able-bodied, are raising children with the same expectations. States like Hawaii pay Middle Class level Welfare to native Hawaiians to maintain their unproductive culture. The inner-cities are full of multi-generational ghettos of government dependees. Rural America also has a significant share of whole communities of unemployed people all receiving disability benefits. It's not the current crop of sorry souls that is the most concerning, it's their descendants who assume the attitudes of their parents & peers: no ambition, less conscientious behavior, and the expectation that things are given to them.

If someone is partaking of the Social Safety Net, they need to be given responsibilities & Work Ethic. Their children need to see it, need to grow up knowing that life requires effort, and that other members of society are expecting them to take care of themselves. There are plenty of “jobs” that need doing; most obviously, babysitting one another's children when mothers are at their jobs. Jobs include answering family hotlines, checking up on the elderly, picking up trash, Citizen's Watch, and an endless array of creative tasks that keep unskilled people busy while simultaneously improving the community they live in. Even attending parenting class, or some other self-improvement training, qualifies as work. The skilled but retired among them could provide oversight. They may be dependent on government but, hopefully, their children, raised in an environment of expectations & performance, will not be.

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