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237 Sense of Entitlement


America is changing: work-ethic is down, prestige-seeking is up & irrationality abounds. Repeating opinions you've already heard is not what we do here, so any discussion of the sense of entitlement exhibited by the children of GenX is Old News, but that doesn't make it any less real. And there's no need to mention the featherbedding by Baby-Boomer retirees at the expense of young families. No, why should we rehash what all the pundits are saying about our national identity being subverted by greed, short-sightedness & self-interest. It's been said enough already, right?

We're too good to live like our grandparents. Already, we don’t pick our own strawberries or sew our own clothes. Blue-collar jobs have become low status, actually looked down upon as beneath our dignity. The illusion that everyone's opinion means something is reinforced by the exploitation of democracy. No one changes their mind, and no need to associate with anybody who doesn't agree with you, and there is no compromising. Americans think they are entitled to what they have rather than thankful for it, and refuse to believe otherwise, which also explains why there's a sense of impending doom.

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